“The Sphere of Amenti, the morphogenic description of the human race located in the Earth’s core, contains the development patterns of a biological form with a 12-dimensional awareness, and it was destroyed during ancient times. The Sphere of Amenti has been restored by now and loaded into the Earth’s core. The process lasted from December 2010 to November 2011. Now the complete morphogenic description of human 12-strand DNA is reactivated and accessible to everyone for correcting his or her physical DNA.”

The main goal in balancing essential energy is to extend consciousness, awareness of oneself and one’s own situation. One balancing séance deals with the restoration, activation and cleansing (incl. from hereditary diseases, also from cancer) of the 12-strand DNA.
This is the beginning of new possibilities, an opportunity to rise to a higher frequency, embrace a wider spectrum of senses. Our dormant senses will start to unfold and healing from hitherto incurable illnesses can commence.
This correction has become possible from the year 2000, when the 17-year-long opening cycle of interdimensional portals or star gates started. The last such activation cycle occurred in the year 22 346 before Christ. Star gates are active for only 200 years. There are many such portals; the majority of them have been completely forgotten. The best known ones are the 12 Halls of Amenti described in the Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus. These halls have actual physical locations on Earth; for example, the fourth Amenti centre is located on the Giza Plateau near Cairo. Because of their connections with other galaxies and dimensions, star gates have been the objects of zealous fighting between different cosmic powers during several thousands of years. There are five types of star gates. The Halls of Amenti are portals that presume that the enterer has a fully activated 12-strand DNA, that is, a human with a 12-dimensional awareness. But there are also gates that are intended for biology with a 3-dimensional awareness. These numbers mean that to use these portals, a person must increase his conscious awareness significantly in order to understand the mechanisms and directions for moving forward. One needs to work with one’s multidimensional anatomy, i.e., chakras, morphogenic fields, and dormant parts of DNA in order to activate, repair and complete them. EEB (essential energy balancing) séances have decisive importance here.
All that is needed already exists within a person; EEB séances only help to discover the path to becoming aware of and communicating with higher aspects of a person’s nature. They help one to see oneself and all others as an endlessly diverse expression of one omnipresent creator. We are one self-expression of the creator. All we need is already present in us. Let us open it then for everyone. Let us express our gratitude and love, kind support and empathic encouragement to everything around us and within us.
The year 2012 is for many the year of the apocalypse. The Mayans predicted that the axis of the Earth will shift then, as it happened about 12 000 years ago. Earthquakes have already moved the Earth’s axis by now; this is a scientific fact, not paranoia. But no matter what is going on with the axis, it is clear that one era is coming to an end and we are facing a great change. The shift will take place first and foremost in the human consciousness, manifesting itself in a revolutionary expansion of awareness. We’ll become aware of our galactic and wider universal citizenship, or in other words, of life that swarms around us. In this regard it may be recalled that as a result of different star wars and catastrophes, mankind has been wiped out and restored time and again. The last great ruin was in 9558 before Christ, which was related to the catastrophe of Atlantis. Much earlier, in the course of the so-called electric wars, the Sphere of Amenti, the morphogenic field of the human race that contains the development patterns of a 12-dimensional biological form, was damaged. The Sphere of Amenti has been restored by now and loaded back to the Earth’s core. The process took place from December 2010 to November 2011. Now the complete morphogenic description of human 12-strand DNA is active again and accessible to everyone for correcting his or her physical DNA.
More empathy, open heart and open views; to be aware, to notice, to hear and to see and to be more tolerant. Each one of us understands and experiences the changes at the present time in his or her own way. Everyone has his or her own road to walk in this process. We sense the changes in the Earth’s energies with all our senses. This change means a change in her consciousness. We are so inseparably connected with the Earth that it is impossible not to notice these changes. What takes place with the energy structures of the Earth also takes place with the human ones and vice versa.
The time has come to tune and balance our energetic bodies and the 12-strand DNA in order to recreate freedom in full consciousness in our lives. 


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